Production assistant: Olle Bakker
Aerial photography: Hugh Alexander
Additional photography: Simon Kuttner and Steve Guttormsen
Script & narration: Peter Kuttner
Editors: Kit Guyatt and Steve Guttormsen
Produced and photographed by Peter Kuttner
Night filming crew
Spotlight: Jaap Vogel, Mark Gould
Production assistants: Dan Klaer, Hugh Alexander, Robyn Law and Lumart Wiechers
DVD authoring by Steve Guttormsen
Website by Clive Tempest and Christina Dreesen
Website development by Ben Sinclair, Andrew Nagy and Jess Murphy
Heartfelt thanks to the many mountain people, friends and strangers alike, who helped me with tip-offs about flora and fauna and access to their gardens and land.
One of the most rewarding and inspiring aspects of the project has been the readiness and generosity of experts to share their knowledge in response to my queries about species identification. I thank them all, even if I do not name them.
I am especially grateful to Peter Hendry (moths), Don Herbison-Evans (lepidoptera), Nigel Fechner (fungi), John Stanisic (molluscs), Mike Russell (grasses), Bob Mesibov (arthropods), Chris Taylor, Dan Klaer, Robert Whyte, Jeremy Wilson (arachnids) and, from the Queensland Museum, Chris Burwell (insects), Christine Lambkin (flies), Owen Seeman (beetles), Greg Czechura (frogs).