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I need to place on record my feeling that overwhelmingly throughout my life, my contact with my fellow men, women and children has been a total delight.
It is a recurring pleasure which I experience each day and is among the precious things which makes my life rewarding and worth living, not least because moments of the keenest enjoyment can as readily occur with a complete stranger as with family and friends.



The ‘Film Diary’ entries are selected items from the diary I keep whenever I am filming. To check location references, click on ‘Tamborine Mountain’ on the top information bar then hit the ‘Tamborine Mountain’ button on the map.


Film Diary / 20.04.2018

Peter Hendry and his wife left on a 3 ½ month overseas trip 6 weeks ago. This means that I have to upload new moth images to my album with a record of their file number, so that in due course I can attach them to emails to send to Peter. This is by way of a back story for today’s moths at the garage. Moths enjoy vegetation, so the removal of a large tree and various shrubs from one side of the drive a year or more ago has affected their numbers at the garage. Moths enjoy rain even more, which they did last night, resulting in a greater number than I have seen for months. I photographed three of them; one was a species new to me, but I won’t find out what it is until July, alas.


Website / 11.04.2018

Working my way through the blog archive, has resulted in me redirecting 40 posts, dating from 2005 to 2017, to the ‘Website’ category.


Website / 10.04.2018

This is the first post written since the creation of a ‘Website’ category for my blog. It is one of the changes to the site since its restoration at the end of February after it was closed down in October 2017. I now look forward to checking some of the early posts for inclusion in the new category.


Other / 08.04.2018

I have completed writing up the 949 video frames and photographs for 2017 which will be added to my image library in the collection of the Queensland Museum. The next thing is to put the images and the descriptive lists onto a USB for delivery to the Museum.


Other, Website / 30.03.2018

Steve and I uploaded another five videos to vimeo last Tuesday evening, bringing the total to 475, but the video harvesting function hast still not been restored to the website, which remains stuck on the 450th video which was uploaded a year ago. We only resumed uploading videos again six weeks ago.


Film Diary / 28.03.2018

This evening, Mark, Lumart and I were at The Knoll. Lumart has a torch which emits ultra violet light. The most striking effect is achieved on the mottled scorpion, which lights up in spectacular fashion. After recent rain, there were large numbers of scorpions around and I filmed a lone specimen which was static for a long period and then moved off. I also filmed a mating couple, pincers clasping pincers. The pair were on a root. The male pulled the female off the root, relocating just below it. I also filmed a plant shoot with just two leaves, whose venation responded to the ultra violet.