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I need to place on record my feeling that overwhelmingly throughout my life, my contact with my fellow men, women and children has been a total delight.
It is a recurring pleasure which I experience each day and is among the precious things which makes my life rewarding and worth living, not least because moments of the keenest enjoyment can as readily occur with a complete stranger as with family and friends.



The ‘Film Diary’ entries are selected items from the diary I keep whenever I am filming. To check location references, click on ‘Tamborine Mountain’ on the top information bar then hit the ‘Tamborine Mountain’ button on the map.


Other / 17.02.2019

After many hours over many days, I completed the Excels of my species videos update for the National Film & Sound Archive. In all we are submitting 124 videos, comprising a few from 2016 through to nine from 2019, once Steve has assembled the data files. One video needs to be added to the list and I need Steve to clarify the references on four files.


Website / 15.02.2019

No sooner said than done. Today I delivered the USB with the 2018 additions to my Image Library to Michelle Ryan at the Museum.


Other / 10.02.2019

I have just completed listing all the images with locations, plus species identification for most of them,  generated in 2018 for my Image Library at the Queensland Museum. There are 443 video frames and 291 photos, a total of 834 images. Once I download all the images and lists onto a USB and deliver it to the Museum, the library will contain 7,135 images.


Website / 07.02.2019

Order has been restored to the site; the issues arising from the upgrade have been fixed. This means that, with the curating also having been completed, the newest version of the site is ready for capture by the National Web Archive.


Film Diary / 05.02.2019

This morning I filmed one of 11 moths which I have seen at the garage awaiting identification by Peter Hendry, since he left for a 2 ½ month cruise just after Christmas. The moth closely resembles a species in my album except that it is a transparent pastel green and not white. Hopefully there will be more on the list by the time Peter is back.


Other / 02.02.2019

Today I finished checking the texts accompanying the images for typos. While doing so, I found myself improving a number of texts.