The complete video archive, which was begun in December 1998, is an exceptional resource and record. Selections from it are published on Standard 
Definition DVD (November 2005) and High Definition Video (November 2009, September 2012).



  • 12 DVDs in a presentation pack with a locations map and species list.
  • 12 hours of content compiled from 44 hours of footage.
  • Plus 6.5 hours of filmed interviews with residents of Tamborine Mountain, young and old, who talk about the impact of its biodiversity on their daily lives.
  • Images grouped by season and species, with commentary.
  • Featuring the topography, weather, rainforest, gardens, fungi, birds, orchids, mammals, insects, and land-use.


  • Three additional DVDs shot in HDV and widescreen.
  • More grasses, lichen, moths and fungi. More of the rainforest floor. Better footage of birds and other fauna.
  • Species not previously filmed such as Koala, Brown Tree Snake, Scarlet Honeyeater and Ficus Virens.
  • An interview with Professor Darryl Jones about biodiversity in general and that of Tamborine Mountain and South East Queensland in particular. 


  • A three DVD set devoted to ‘The Rainforest at Night’. Biodiversity is a 24/7, year round proposition. I had to
    film at night, if I was serious about my subject.
  • The supplements are the result of 53 night shoots over a three and a half year period. They contain interviews with my two dear friends and main collaborators, Jaap Vogel and Mark Gould, who talk about what our night forays mean to them.
  • Half the footage groups Snails, Frogs, Rodents, Snakes, Leaf-tailed Geckos, Cicadas and Spiders.
  • The rest of the footage is devoted to ‘Other Creatures’ and inter alia includes roosting birds, eels, an echidna, beetles, skinks, Stick Insects, moths, scorpions, ants, semi-slugs and a recently described Harvestman about whose natural history nothing is known.