This afternoon, I sent a USB with the re-edit of my photos taken between 2014 and 2018, plus the related data documents, to Donna Miller, who is in charge of Queensland Museum Images. As I told her, it was necessary but enlivening and fruitful work. The re-edit completes the up-date of my Image Library for the Museum.

The USB also contains 24 video clips shot in 2014, 2015 and 2016. I was surprised to find four night photos dating from January 2018. The camera is used for point and shoot at close range work, which is usually difficult in rainforest, especially at night, in the restricted illumination of the spotlight’s beam. Several entries in the original data documents were listed as unidentified. I was able to update the information for some of them from my website and have received partial or complete attributions from experts whom I contacted, for others. Some subjects simply could not be identified, of which a number may be undescribed species.

The files are date-listed until April 6, 2016. After that they are listed numerically. In order to only list the correct image number, I was be-devilled by Microsoft Word’s automated set-up and had to struggle to over-ride it, resulting in messy data documents.

I tallied a total of 2,078 unedited photos, of which, after editing, 1,496 remain.