This morning I photographed a tiny moth at the garage. It was a bit above head high, so I returned with my step ladder after mid-day, by when the moth and the sun had shifted their positions. The moth was still above head high. With the aid of the stepladder, I managed to get closer shots of it. The moth was promptly identified as a male Apple Looper. PS Amazingly, next day, at the same location, I photographed a female. The moths have a wingspan of only 15 mm. PPS Re the 28.9.21 post – this afternoon I used my stopwatch to time walking from the metal railing in Driscoll Lane to my place, opening and closing the padlock at our back gate, picking up my camera three floors up, and driving my car from my garage to the metal railing. I never reckoned how much more than five minutes it would take. I stopped the watch at 9 minutes 6.55 seconds.