It must be Spring, well, really, it’s Driscoll Lane giving of its abundance again. This morning I stopped to admire a beautiful weevil on the metal railing, regretting that I wasn’t carrying my camera. There were two more creatures on the move nearby. One was a gem of a ladybird, the other, a yellow inchworm. I returned with camera and photographed the weevil, but the ladybird was whizzing along, so I turned my attention to it and took several shots, as best I could. By the time I was ready to take more photos of the weevil, it had vanished, so I photographed the inchworm again. The metal railing is proving to be a wonderful resource as a long pathway for small creatures. I reckon it takes more than five minutes for me to return by car with my camera, yet this is the second time in just over a month that I have been able to photograph a subject I saw on my walk when I didn’t have my camera with me. PS The replies from the two experts I consulted were (a) that the inchworm could not be identified beyond the family to which all 23,000 described species globally belong and (b) that not only were the ladybird and the weevil identified, but also the order of a predatory mite on the ladybird’s right wing cover.