Once again, Driscoll Lane yielded its bounty. Once again, I didn’t have my camera with me on this morning’s walk. I caught sight of a tiny, brilliant white, moving object on the metal handrail. It resembled a scale insect, but was a different shape. I collected my camera and found the insect still on the rail. The first series of photos had too much zoom and weren’t sharp. I returned for a second attempt and turned down the zoom. Unfortunately, the closest shot, while sharp enough, is not centered. PS The next day, my favourite entomologist, who has helped me for years, identified the insect as a mealybug ladybird larva. The brilliant white is caused by a waxy secretion which makes the larva resemble its mealybug prey. The larvae grow to a length of 14-15 mm, the ladybird is up to 6 mm long.