This morning I set up my table at the book fair outside the mountain’s library in Main Street. It is a lively part of the street’s annual Five Senses Festival, which was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. In bitterly cold weather I nonetheless sold six of my books. Although it is not written for children, the illustrations are ideal for children to explore or be shown. I was particularly delighted that three books were bought by parents with young children, after I approached them to let their kids leaf through the pages. The first sale was to a mother with a three year old daughter and a five year old son. When she asked them if they wanted her to buy the book, they proclaimed a resounding ‘yes’. The second sale was to parents with a seven year old boy and the final sale was to parents who had only moved to the mountain from Sydney, the previous Sunday. Mum had an infant in a baby carrier and her eight year old daughter was engrossed in a book illustrating the birds of South East Queensland. She loved the illustrations in my book, which her parents were happy to buy because it introduces the family to the rich variety of species in their new home. This ad hoc sort of event seems very worthwhile for me. I am due to participate in a ‘Meet the Author’ event at Canungra Books and Art on the 20th of June.