Jaap texted me this morning that he had a tawny frogmouth nest with an adult and two nestlings in a tree in his garden. I have seen adults and young over the years, but never a nest. I went to his place soon after lunch and set up my camera on his deck. It was a breezy day. There was little happening, but I filmed the nest, which was rather perfunctory and looked too small to accommodate the birds. I left my tripod, vowing to return in late afternoon when the nest was likely to be more animated. And so it proved. I filmed both nestlings, one of which looked in my direction with open eyes, yawning occasionally. The wind ruffled the birds’ feathers and blew the vegetation in front of, or entirely way from, the nest. After filming hardly anything for the year until the end of September, I have shot 50% more footage since then.