Two days ago I received a vimeo message from Showrunner Productions in Perth asking permission to use my Brushtail Possum footage for ’72 Cutest Animals’ a follow-up series to their 2014 ’72 Dangerous Animals Australia’ which included footage by me. That series has been airing on Foxtel for the past year and a half, my contribution being “really appreciated”. I won’t repeat the mistake of last time in falling for Showrunner’s no budget, but being credited for my material ploy while actually incurring costs to provide uncompressed footage for the programme. I have two possum videos on vimeo, one featuring mothers and young. The request fortuitously reminded me of having filmed a Ringtail Possum three years ago feeding on leaves that, for reasons now completely beyond my fathoming, I had not made into a species video. Today, on the way to shot-selecting the possum footage, I found material for four more videos on the same tape. The one video I had selected from the tape was from footage which ended around the 19 minute mark and was the last of the HD Species Videos 2. We uploaded it to vimeo in December 2014. In starting HD Species Videos 3, I skipped to the next tape. Go figure.