2015 XMLs

Have just sent Andrew a zip folder containing 149 XMLs. There were 151 species on my list, but only 149 XMLs. I was quietly going round the bend thinking I had missed a couple and asked Steve to make my list alphabetical when I worked with him two evenings ago. The original list was grouped according to subject and location in the Albums. There were 70 moths, of which two were duplicated. To complicate matters, I sent EOL an email regarding the Data Object GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) and the reply contained the frustrating information that EOL’s data harvesting system is severely malfunctioning and will take a while to rectify. Steve and I uploaded new videos to vimeo a month ago. My most recently harvested videos on EOL date back to 5 months ago, though we uploaded 3 videos to vimeo 3 months ago.