Days when I film a new bird species are few and far between. The previous occasion was in April this year when I filmed a Marbled Frogmouth. On my rain-interrupted walk I noticed a bird I took to be a Topknot Pigeon feeding in a nearby garden whose owner provides food for large numbers of a variety of birds. I had heard about but never seen the pigeon (the sighting was confirmed when I consulted my Slater’s Field Guide to Australian Birds). The pigeon was fortunately around when I returned with my camera and I filmed it for say 30 seconds give or take, resolving to try again in the afternoon. This I did, but the pigeon was a no show. However I managed to add to my footage of Crested Doves and Blue-faced Honeyeaters before filming some Little Corellas, a species which I had seen on the coast but never on the mountain. They look like a smaller version of the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo, but with less pronounced, white crests. I can’t recall when I last filmed two new bird species in one day.