A category 5 tropical cyclone is heading for the central Queensland coast, with torrential rain forecast for this part of the world later today and for the following 2 days. I therefore took my camera to Steve so that he can attempt to capture the 6 latest completed tapes. He needs to overcome the camera’s fire wire problem which has recently reappeared. Steve also confirmed that the auto focus is faulty and unable to deliver wide shots which was self-evident from recent footage. I need wide shots to define the setting of a visual story. The right side of the frame is sharp, the left side is soft. Closer and zoom shots are not affected, but the situation is not good. I am waiting to hear if fixing the fault would be almost as costly as buying a new camera. I don’t want to be minus the camera any longer than the duration of the bad weather, because I am making up for lost time when I was without the camera for 3 months last Summer. I am apprehensive that the weather may be a reprise of the ex-cyclone that devastated the mountain just over 2 years ago, inter alia plunging our apartment block into a world without electricity for 3 days.