From now on the plan is for the Pancam to be in my pocket when I take my morning walk, although opportunities will be restricted because it is the beginning of Winter. Today I filmed a very small moth on the garage. I would not have bothered to film it with my Sony camera. I also took a photo of the moth which filled the monitor. Taking photos (10 megapixels) is a new departure for me. It is so easy. Later I filmed a caterpillar on a fence and some mature and immature Shield Bugs of a type I had never seen before, on and near the trunk of a cycad in Driscoll Lane. Checking the footage this afternoon, I was impressed with the clarity and brightness of the images which are in full HD, ie 1920×1080, whereas the Sony films in 1440×1080 and cost nearly $6,000 in 2007. I returned to the cycad later in the morning with my Sony and tripod and filmed the Shield Bugs with the benefit of a dedicated view finder.