One of the main reasons for expanding the website and enabling me to upload content was to boost the species data I supply to the EOL. Prior to the relaunch I entered 120 or so new species on the admin site. Andrew Nagy had to make them fit for purpose and head off a potential problem by reconciling the original XML files with the new ones. We duly sent the combined list to EOL who in return provided the link to my EOL gallery pages. Imagine my dismay when I discovered that most of the original files were missing. EOL pointed out an error which I carefully checked out and found that it only referred to two files. I discovered other errors on our part, but most of the files seemed to be correct. I selected 12 of them and asked EOL to tell me if the news concerning them was good or bad.  There was also a problem regarding missing videos. This was due to a mistake I made, which I have since corrected. An email from EOL arrived today confirming that the 12 files were OK and that the videos should be harvested within 2-3 days. We’ll see.