We are one short of 100 night shoots. Not surprisingly, I find that I am not shooting as much footage as I used to because fewer new subjects present themselves. A recent shoot did yield a beetle, Saw Fly larvae, a large black millipede, a Brown Lacewing eating a Crane Fly and a pair of mating Crane Flies. However the two most recent shoots each provided a unique gem. On 23 April I filmed a katydid eating a fungus perhaps 10 -12 cm high growing out of the rainforest floor.This evening, near the start of the circuit in MacDonald National Park I filmed a small snail. With a low battery in the camera and a fully charged battery left in the car, I was tempting fate to provide a highlight which I might not have been able to film. As luck would have it, we were on our way out of the park when we saw a cricket burrowing into the earth, something we had not seen before and I filmed it for several minutes until the battery ran out.