A neighbour of mine has a highly strung Welsh Collie called Bear who likes to rush up to the front fence, bark at passing cars or people and run along the fence in a vain attempt to round them up. His barking scatters the flock of Rainbow Lorrikeets squabbling at the bird feeders who regroup in a couple of trees in the park across the road. I love dogs, but don’t like being barked at when walking. Some time ago I discovered a way to stop Bear’s barking after putting up with it for years. I simply mouthed kisses at him as I approached and continued to do so until I had cleared the garden fence. Bear looked at me nonplussed, but silently. It seems I may have given shepherds  a new signal to use.   Thanks to the rush of activity on the RADF videos and the website upgrade, I have not done that much filming lately. Now that I have time on my hands and good summer weather, I am still minus my camera.