In July 2009 I was without my camera for a month because the tape mechanism seized. On 15 December, fortunately after I completed TAPE 77, the mechanism seized again. I had received a phone call from Ted Karamisheff about the arrival of a large flock of Top-knot Pigeons. I went to check them out but was unable to film them and they may well not be around when I get my camera back. Prior to both glitches the switch which operates the tape mechanism did not work properly. The lid would open, but the tape would not rise, so I would slam the lid shut and press the switch again. There was also a separate fault. The camera’s memory battery did not charge properly, resulting in me repeatedly having to reset the clock and other data displays. Today, I dropped the camera off at a Sony accrerdited repairer’s in a southern Brisbane suburb. Being without my camera in December and January is particularly annoying as Summer is the busiest time of year in the natural world. At least in July, our Winter, there isn’t much happening.