For a combination of reasons, among which was un-Spring-like weather, we did not start our night filming season until the 14th of November last year. Happily Spring has carried on from the warm and sunny August, the first in years, so we enjoyed our first night shoot of the new season. And we were richly rewarded by the abundance of possums in MacDonald National Park, which had been worst hit of all the parks by ex cyclone Oswald and had taken months to reopen. We saw Ring-tail Possums at the park entrance. The first creature I filmed was another Brown Huntsman, but Dan, who is a spider expert, pointed out that its distinctive banding indicated that it had just moulted. Then, I filmed a female Short-eared Brushtail Possum, close to the path and beautifully placed for the camera, with a youngster in its pouch. Deep into the park, we came across another Short-eared, this one with its young on its back, again, beautifully positioned for filming. Finally, close to the end of the circuit, Dan saw a rodent at the junction of the base of a tree trunk and its ground roots, with nowhere to go, allowing me to film it.