On my walk I was brought up short by the sight of an Eastern Water Dragon sunning itself on a rock which becomes submerged after heavy rain forms a pond in an otherwise dry creek bed which it was today. I returned with my camera but the metallic sound of my tripod on footpath, alarmed the reptile, which promptly dropped over the edge of the rock. I set up the camera and waited. I was just explaining what I was after to a couple I know who were strolling past with their dogs, when I caught sight of the Water Dragon clinging to the side of the rock. It didn’t budge and I filmed away. Unfortunately it was alarmed by another passerby and the filming came to an abrupt end.

PS Although I saw it the next day, a doctor’s appointment prevented me from returning with my camera until the day after, by which time it had apparently moved on, because I did not see it again.