My website’s first entry is dated 16 December 2005. The site architect was Clive Tempest and its designer and webmaster Christina Dreesen. From its first appearance, the site was captured for Australia’s national web archive and has been recaptured every two years. The structure and scope of the site remained unchanged until its new incarnation was completed on 22  August 20013, thanks to the IT skills of Ben Sinclair and Andrew Nagy.

New are:

  • SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE, find out when new videos and Gallery Pages are added to the site.
  • ALBUM PAGES, devoted to a single subject such as Moths, Fungi, Birds
  • BLOG CATEGORIES, to make the blog more reader-friendly.
  • VIDEOS, every video on my Vimeo pages appears on the site’s Videos page.
  • TEN additional GALLERY PAGES.

Equally important to the visible changes are the features which enable me to be the webmaster and generate all content (other than the videos, which will continue to be uploaded by Steve Guttormsen), plus XML data files for the Encyclopaedia of Life (EOL).