For the first time I failed to film any subject on our fist night shoot of the season. Mark, Dan and I were in the Knoll NP. The shoot was already delayed because of a cool Spring and further delayed because I was in Longreach for the first half of October. But the generally cool nights persisted. Returning from Steve’s the night before, the external temperature read-out in my car was C13° and it was 14° before we started our walk tonight. The only times, twice from memory, when I failed to film on a night shoot was on the last walk of the season. Tonight we saw a rodent which didn’t hang around to be filmed, a Ring-tail Possum which was too far away, a small moth buffeted by the wind, a Brown Huntsman spider and in the car park just before leaving, we heard an unfamiliar sound and Dan shone his powerful torch on a Squirrel Glider climbing high up on the trunk of a Flooded gum tree and jumping onto branches in the canopy with incredible speed and agility. I was content just to have seen this glider for the first time ever.