On the 26th I received an email from Katja, Species Pages Coordinator for The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL), in reply to an email I sent to EOL some time back expressing my interest in contributing to the project. The remit of EOL is to illustrate and document every species known to science. It has some heavyweight cornerstone institutions and a steering committee on which equally illustrious institutions are represented.
The options Katja mentioned prompted me to send her an email telling her about my video archive and asking whether video contributions could be included, whether the EOL structure allowed for records of the biodiversity of ‘One Small Place on Earth’, such as Tamborine Mountain or the Galapagos Islands, and asking her to advise me on the best way I could contribute.

Her reply was most gratifying, stating that I have a great collection of images and videos on my site which she would be very interested in having on EOL, that EOL considers video a very important medium for the documentation of biodiversity and that the best way I could contribute would be to register as a Content Partner. The email exchange has already been a terrific shot in the arm and being a Content Partner would greatly help to make my work as accessible as possible, which I am very keen on.